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Our Volunteer Thank-You Card peer recognition program encourages JOY volunteers to nominate each other for acknowledgement and celebration.

Any volunteer can nominate another volunteer to be thanked and each week one person is randomly drawn from the pool of nominations. A thank-you card is put out in the communal area of the station and for one week volunteers and staff can sign it and leave a message of thanks to that week’s volunteer for their contributions.

All of our volunteers are stars – here are just a few who we all think are amazing.

Thank-You Card #19

The 19th recipient of a Volunteer Thank-You Card is: Hamish!

Hamish is one of our official JOY photographers and he works incredibly hard covering our guests and events. He is also an occasional co-host and guest presenter on bek-fast, (Saturday 7–9.30am). He is always considerate, reliable and kind and often goes beyond his role to help out with whatever needs doing around the station. Thank you, Hamish!


Thank-You Card #18

The 18th recipient of a Volunteer Thank-You Card is: Sangita!

Sangita started at JOY on the front desk in 2007, which means she is coming up to her 10-year volunteer anniversary. She is currently an on-air presenter for long-running show GPS (Sunday 7–9am). Sangita also helps out with the JOY archives and is always willing to lend a friendly hand. Thank you, Sangita!




Thank-You Card #17

The 17th recipient of a Volunteer Thank You Card is: Anastasia!

Anastasia (pictured at right, with Gabby GLLO) has been volunteering with JOY since 2010 and is one half of ANASTASIA AND WARREN, our Tuesday Drive show, as well as doing a regular shift on Friday afternoons. She is always willing to help fill weekday shifts on short notice and is professional, reliable, fun, and always pleasant to work with. Thank you, Anastasia!



Thank-You Card #16

The 16th recipient of a Volunteer Thank-You Card is: Colin!

Colin has been volunteering at the front desk at JOY for two years and has podcasted several popular shows, including Murphys Law and TRANS*Positions. He also has his own show, Behind the Curtain (currently resting), which takes listeners on a historical journey of show tunes and musicals through the decades. Colin is always taking on extra work without complaint and is a polite, friendly and energetic presence, rain or shine. Thank you, Colin!





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