Radiothon 2021 is here! #EmbraceJOY


It’s time for the rainbow community to shed the COVID cloak and embrace the joy of being LGBTIQA+. We’re leading this year’s Radiothon theme:  #EmbraceJOY.

Embracing who we are, embracing who we can be, and celebrating the platform JOY 94.9 provides for rainbow voices. This year’s Radiothon sees us return to full LIVE broadcasting as the studio refills with vibrant energy and anticipation for this ten day event in April. 

Last year for Radiothon, we wanted to let our community know that We Are You. This year we want to remind you that whilst this still rings true, we want to celebrate all that you are. #EmbraceJOY encapsulates all that the community has been through as a people. 

Through actively participating across decades in protests and parades, we’ve become an established part of the fabric and landscape of LGBTIQA+ voices. We’ve built our grassroots organisation through the passion of our volunteer and membership base. Together, we want to celebrate and embrace the joy that can be found in our rainbow community lineage.

For our independent voices to continue to be heard, we are asking for your help. COVID-19 has had a massive effect on all of us and JOY was not immune.

This Radiothon fundraising event is our most important to date.

We are setting a minimum target of $250,000 and hope to far exceed this amount but we need you to share, donate and become a member.

Make sure you listen and check in to see what we’re up to during Radiothon on the
14th to the 23rd April.

Let us embrace joy, continue supporting marginalised voices and celebrate the intricacies of our rainbow family as a community.


Let’s make the rest of 2021 something to be proud of.