JOY IS HIRING – Production and Services Assistant


JOY is hiring a casual Production and Services Assistant!

The JOY Production and Services Assistant will work closely with the Production and Services Manager in the production of on-air imaging, sponsorship, and community service announcements, the scheduling of on-air campaigns, the recording and editing of podcasts, help coordinate JOY Academy’s training services as well as helping to build and improve JOY’s growing services offerings.

The successful applicant will join the team in a casual capacity, and they should have a passion for audio production as well as a passion for working in the community media sector.
Applications will be taken on a rolling basis, until the position has been filled.

All position holders at JOY are required to perform their duties in accordance with current organisational policy and procedures and relevant ACMA and CBAA requirements; to minimum performance standards, and ensure adherence to the JOY Melbourne Inc. rules of association; comply with health and safety guidelines and instructions to ensure a healthy, safe

Click here to read the full Job Description: JOY Production and Services Assistant – Position Description

Application Process

All applicants will be required to submit an audio piece, in the form of a JOY Community Service Announcement.

Please find linked below audio editing resources including voiceovers and multiple music beds. Applicants should utilise which ever editing program they would like to produce this spot. Applicants should use their skills and knowledge of production to select the voice-over take and music bed that they think works best for the spot.

Applicants should send through the final produced spots, as well as the final editing session (As well as screenshots of said editing session).


(NOTE: Once these audio assets have been used, please do not use them for any other project. All
voice overs and music remain the IP of JOY).

Please email through your final production piece, your cover letter, resume as well as any other video or audio work you have completed in the past that you believe to be of benefit to the application, to