QUEER: Stories from the NGV Collection – coming this March



Coming to Melbourne this March, the National Gallery of Victoria’s latest exhibition QUEER: Stories from the NGV Collection is one you won’t want to miss.  

This landmark exhibition will celebrate the diversity of our LGBITQA+ community through paintings, drawings, photography, decorative arts pieces, fashion, sculpture, video and design. One of its key focuses is the multifaceted meaning and usage of the word ‘queer’ both in current contexts and its historical evolution across time and place. 

Through this exploration, around 400+ works included in the exhibition are by queer artists, some are by artists who lived in times when identifying as queer was not safe or possible, and some works included are not by queer artists but have a connection to queer history. 

Part of the curation of this exhibition will also be identifying absences in the collection from parts of history where queerness has been omitted, accidentally or deliberately. 

The NGV curators have shared the reasoning for this is that, “rather than attempting to present a comprehensive history of queer art, the exhibition will reflect on the gaps, strengths and idiosyncrasies of the NGV Collection, as well as broader concerns around collecting and exhibiting artworks relating to queer ideas and identities in museum contexts.’ 

You can visit QUEER: Stories from the NGV Collection from March 10th to August 21st where you can also view and purchase their 626 page exhibition catalogue. 

This catalogue expands on the themes explore in the exhibition but also features 60 essays from renowned authors, scholars and commentators, including Mama Alto, Claire G, Coleman, Nayuka Gorrie, Benjamin Law and more.  

This publication further approaches the concept of queer not just as an expression of identity, but as a framework to understand sensibilities, aesthetic movements, political and theoretical perspectives, and communities. 

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