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Bloody Good Things To Know
Brekkie Bears
Making your Monday mornings more bearable!
Female centric topics from a feminist and inclusive perspective
The C + C Drive Factory
Celebrity goss, interviews, news, weather, music
Catching Up
gossip, tv/film, interviews, funk and disco
Cereal Offenders
Share your breakfast with Carly and Callum and never be the same again
JOYs own Desert Island Discs with a twist
Cheap Seats
The best of global poetry slams, panel discussions, stand-up comedy, lectures and conferences
Classic Dance
Uplifting Dance from the 90's to today
The finest in food and beverage in Melbourne and Victoria
Cris and Jess
Cris and Jess are your new favourite radio duo! She's obsessed with food and has zero filter; he's sports mad and loves a good dad joke. Together they are light-hearted, relatable... and hilarious!
Critical Hit
Gaymers keeping you informed on the video games industry
Fresh alt & delicious tunes for queer honeyz to groove to
Dance Mix
Overnight dance mix
Decks After Dark
Featuring queer DJ sets from all over Australia and the world
Listen to the journey and enjoy the detour
Diff' rent Strokes
Camp and geek collide
DJ Mitchy Minx in the Mix
Eclectic dance mix
To Hell in a Handbasket
Wonderful conversation from everyone's favourite diva
Drag Time
A journey through drag entertainment for us all
Debate and Reflection on what matters to queer women
JOY's Equality Centre
The Escape Pod
Short breaks or running away to join the circus - travel talk
Australia's first Europop chart show
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