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Many JOY people started out as regular volunteer and/or staff colleagues with Conrad. We then celebrated his rise to the top job and have been proud to work for and with him.

Conrad’s leadership has allowed us all to feel ownership of our roles and grow creatively and professionally. When there were outside pressures he was a strong buffer, which made JOY an ideal workplace. We have had fun and can be passionate about our work every single day because of his leadership.

conrad studio farewell

The JOY team has had many good times with Conrad as GM. He achieved wonderful things, grand and small, and helped many people along the way. JOY’s special broadcasts for World AIDS Day Worldwide and World AIDS Day 2014 were huge global events. Other highlights were writing the winning grant application for the Schools Out Loud project, allowing us to train 100 young people in podcasting and how to share their stories; returning to an overall station focus on International Women’s Day; and starting an International Lesbian Day and Trans Remembrance Day emphasis.

Conrad nurtured many key relationships with community groups, individuals and sponsors. He settled the station and helped it become a mature organisation that behaves professionally and is focused and always expanding on what it does best: making radio that connects our communities.

Conrad is known as a good man and a good general manager, and these are worthy titles.

JOY loves Conrad and loved having him as our leader. Thank you and good luck.


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