Trans-mission is a video series that focuses on Trans & Gender Diverse people and their lives. Bent TV produced a previous series of Tran-mission in 2014. Bent TV has now merged with JOY and a new 2017 series of Trans-mission has been produced. The series explores groups and individuals from the Trans & Gender Diverse Community. All hosts on the show are on the gender diverse spectrum.

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1 Tilde Lou & Ryan talk about the Tilde Transgender Film Festival Rebeckah Loveday


2 Ygender Kochava, Kal & Erik talk about the only youth-led Transgender support service Rebeckah Loveday


3 The Shed Esther Bohmer is President of The Shed, a support group for trans men. Jeremy Wiggans


4 Trans Health Jeremy Wiggans is Australia’s first recipient of a Churchill scholarship. Esther Bohmer


5 Parent Greer (accompanied by daughter Leah) talks about coming out to family. Michelle Sheppard


6 Queerspace Queerspace only has queer counsellors – Louise & Grace. Michelle Sheppard


7 Working OUT Mary from Working Out a service that helps LGBTI people find work. Rebeckah Loveday


8 Mellem Mellem talks about their journey as a non-binary person. Ernest Price


9 Megan Megan talks about her role on the Board of the Pride Centre. Ernest Price


10 Ernest Ernest talks about being a trans school teacher. Mellem


11 Cathy Cathy is a senior business person who happens to be trans. Michelle Sheppard


12 GLOBE GLOBE offers trans support scolarships and ither support. Rebeckah Loveday


13 ML ML talks about their life and androgeny. Michelle Sheppard


14 Children Grace from Queerspace talks about families with trans kids. Ernest Price


15 Psychiatrist Jaco Erasmus is a psychiatrist at the Monash Gender Clinic. Ernest Price