Restrictions to JOY music podcasts


To our dear community of listeners,  

JOY 94.9 as an independent community media organisation is in a privileged position that allows us to use music in our podcasts. We are also privileged to have a growing global community of listeners who we value. However, recent clarification confirms that our license to include music in podcasts extends only to our Australian listeners.

As a result, JOY has had to start geo-blocking any JOY podcast that contains licensed music.  

If you are trying to listen to a music podcast from the JOY Podcast library from a country outside of Australia, your downloaded podcast will contain a message that the podcast is not available in your region 

However, all talk-based JOY Podcasts will remain available on our JOY Podcast library and can be accessed worldwide at JOY.ORG.AU and all popular podcast platforms.  

Spotify issues 

Spotify has also taken down some of our music podcasts recently. Spotify has stated that it will not allow music podcasts on its site, even though they may be legally downloaded within Australia. To prevent our other podcasts from being taken down, JOY 94.9 will no longer publish music podcasts to Spotify. 

We understand that this may be very frustrating and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. We encourage you to continue listening to JOY Podcasts at JOY.ORG.AU and follow JOY Podcasts Facebook Page for updates. 

If you would like to contact us, please do so by emailing