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JOY Melbourne Inc. annual general meeting was held Sunday 22 October 2017 2pm at Level 10, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Thank you to retiring board members Stephanie AMIR, Marcus KING, Melinda RICH, Jane SMITH

Joining the existing directors, Tanya MATTHEWSON, Ian GRAYSTONE, Andrew McNAMARA, Andrew THORP, are the newly elected and re-elected directors:

  • Kanthi FLYNN*
  • Marcus KING^
  • Melinda RICH^
  • Jane SMITH^

* new board member
^ re-elected board member

Jane Smith, Andrew Thorp, Tanya Matthewson, Ian Graystone, Rachel Rees, Andy McNamara, Kanthi Flynn, Marcus King, Melinda Rich.

Left to Right: Jane Smith, Andrew Thorp, Tanya Matthewson, Ian Graystone, Rachel Rees, Andy McNamara, Kanthi Flynn, Marcus King, Melinda Rich.

JOY Board – Terms of Office

The current board of directors and their updated terms of office:

Board Member Years remaining Term expires
Ian GRAYSTONE 1 2018
Tanya MATTHEWSON 1 2018
Andy McNAMARA 1 2018
Andrew THORP 1 2018
Rachel REES 2 2019
Kanthi FLYNN* 3 2020
Marcus KING^ 3 2020
Melinda RICH^ 3 2020
Jane SMITH^ 3 2020

JOY Board – Office Bearers

At the first meeting of the new JOY board held following the close of the AGM at 3:45pm, the executive office bearers elected are:

    • President: Melinda RICH
    • Vice President: Tanya MATTHEWSON
    • Secretary: Andrew THORP
    • Treasurer & Chair of Finance & Audit Committee: Ian GRAYSTONE


The sub-committee chairpersons elected are:

    • Chair of Funding Committee: Marcus KING
    • Chair of Innovation & Risk: Rachel REES
    • Chair of Programming Committee: Andrew THORP

Life Member

Honorary life membership is awarded by the JOY board to recognise a member for their extraordinary commitment and contribution to the purpose of JOY 94.9.

The JOY board is pleased to award honorary life membership to:

Jed Gilbert

John Oliver, Jed Gilbert, John Jennings

John Oliver, Jed Gilbert, John Jennings

Jed Gilbert has been a part of JOY since joining as a member in 2006. In his 11 years with JOY, he has contributed across a broad range of areas and had a significant impact. Jed started out in production support before progressing to join the news team in 2009. He put his hand up to join the JOY board in 2010 and was elected that year. Throughout his six-year term on the board, Jed fulfilled several key roles. He joined the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) in 2011, before stepping up to chair that same committee in 2012 as Treasurer. In 2013, Jed was elected as Vice President, and in 2014, he was elected as President by his board colleagues, and led the board for the period 2014-2016. Jed’s time at the helm was characterised by a genuine passion for JOY’s place and purpose in our community. He stewarded many key initiatives at JOY during his Presidency, including JOY’s first formal three-year Strategic Plan, and the renewal of JOY’s broadcast licence, which expanded the station’s ‘community of interest’ to cover the full diversity of the LGBTI community. His leadership of the board as President was always characterised by a sense of care and balance, and a drive for consensus where everyone could contribute their voice to discussions and decisions. Since stepping down from the board in 2016, Jed has continued to support JOY. His commitment to the LGBTI community was recognised when he was nominated in the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ category at the 2016 GLOBE Awards. Jed himself has said that his time at JOY has been a period where he grew up, and his journey with JOY demonstrates the way that our organisation can provide a place for people to join, connect, contribute and mature to become a leader in our community.
Congratulations Jed and thank you for your outstanding and ongoing support for JOY.

Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcasting Excellence

The JOY board is pleased to announce the award recipient is:

Chicks Talkin’ Footy

Chicks Talking’ Footy

Week after week, the Chicks Talkin’ Footy team have presented a model program in JOY’s diverse line-up, and the team are awarded the Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcasting Excellence for 2017. Since commencing in April 2016, the program has clearly demonstrated JOY’s values of inclusion, joy and courage. They have made a name for themselves within the broader AFL and AFLW communities – because they know their stuff and they can communicate it in a way that is accessible and enjoyable whether or not you are a footy fan. The program is always informing and it empowers women to be active participants in football, particularly during the inaugural AFLW season in early 2017. In addition, they do a wonderful job showcasing and celebrating queer people in the sport both on and off the ground. Listening, you can genuinely feel that women and queer people can be comfortable and central in an institution central to our city’s culture. Having led the charge in JOY’s coverage of the first AFL Pride Match in 2016, the team are now a finalist in the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s (CBAA’s) Excellence in Sports Programming award for 2017. Led by Fiona Newton, along with Bec Dahl, Susannah Mott, Bree Macaulay and Rachael Hopkins, and of course until recently Danae Gibson, Chicks Talkin’ Footy is an extremely well polished program that helps dispel harmful stereotypes. It is an exemplary program for others to follow.
Congratulations to the Chicks Talkin’ Footy team.

Anne Hamilton Award for Volunteering Excellence

The JOY Board is pleased to announce the award recipient is:

Clayton Wimshurst

Tennille Moisel (CEO), Clayton Wimshurst, Anne Hamilton

Tennille Moisel (CEO), Clayton Wimshurst, Anne Hamilton

Clayton has been instrumental in the success of the JOY team for the past two and a half years. Clayton started in December 2014 taking on the role of podcaster for Stand Up Straight. Soon after, he offered to use his teaching experience and took on the role of podcast trainer. He has taken his life experience a step further by supporting other team leaders in best teaching practice. In August 2015, Clayton took on the role of Program Imagery Coordinator, providing direct support to individual JOY programs for their on-air branding, lifting the quality of program ID’s across the board and helping to better differentiate programs from one another. In September 2016 (and in addition to the support already mentioned), Clayton took on the Community Service Announcement producer role, allowing JOY production to collectively provide more promotional support to LGBTI and other community groups than ever before. Clayton is always available to fill in for panel operators and to mentor other volunteers. He offers his service without wanting recognition and is more than happy to be behind the scenes doing the often thankless task of paneling. He came to Mardi Gras at his own cost and paneled several shows that broadcast from the SBS studios, he recorded vox-pops and was one of our producers on the evening of the parade. Clayton has demonstrated unfailing excellence in upholding and modeling JOY’s values. He regularly steps up to mentor new volunteers, provides training and is always supportive and fair to all. He shows a passion for inclusion in our volunteer body and programming and will often go out of his way to support marginalised volunteers and programs.
Congratulations Clayton, you are more than a pleasure to have in our team and you make us all strive to be better.



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